Chuck Yeager’s Death – What Happened?

Chuck Yeager Died

The pilot Chuck Yeager passed away at age 97, astounding.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Brigadier General and American test pilot who became the first person confirmed to break the sound barrier. The plane he used was the Bell X-1.

He began his career as a private in the United States Army Air Forces.

He worked his way up to the rank of P-51 Mustang fighter pilot during the World War II years.

How did Chuck Yeager die?

Natural Causes caused Chuck Yeager's death in 2020.

Information about the death of Chuck Yeager
Cause of deathNatural Causes
Age of death97 years
BirthdayFebruary 13, 1923
Death dateDecember 7, 2020
Place of deathLos Angeles, California, United States
Place of burialN/A


"Most pilots learn, when they pin on their wings and go out and get in a fighter, especially, that one thing you don't do, you don't believe anything anybody tells you about an airplane."

Chuck YeagerChuck Yeager Died

"What good does it do to be afraid? It doesn't help anything. You better try and figure out what's happening and correct it."

Chuck YeagerChuck Yeager Died

"It's really difficult for fanatic churchgoers to understand God can't help me. I'm the only one who can help me."

Chuck YeagerChuck Yeager Died

"Later, I realized that the mission had to end in a let-down because the real barrier wasn't in the sky but in our knowledge and experience of supersonic flight."

Chuck YeagerChuck Yeager Died

"You do what you can for as long as you can, and when you finally can't, you do the next best thing. You back up but you don't give up."

Chuck YeagerChuck Yeager Died