Etienne Lenoir (Entrepreneur) Death – Age of Death and Cause of Death

Etienne Lenoir Died

The entrepreneur Etienne Lenoir passed away at age 78, respectable.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Invented the first internal combustion engine in 1858.

He taught himself chemistry and engineering.

His first gas-powered car, built in 1862, reached speeds of three miles per hour.

How did Etienne Lenoir die?

Engineer Jean Joseph Étienne Lenoir caused Etienne Lenoir's death in 1900.

In 1862 Lenoir built the first automobile with an internal-combustion engine. He had adapted his engine to run on liquid fuel and with his vehicle made a 6-mile (10-kilometre) trip that required two to three hours.

Information about the death of Etienne Lenoir
Cause of deathEngineer Jean Joseph Étienne Lenoir
Age of death78 years
BirthdayJanuary 12, 1822
Death dateAugust 4, 1900
Place of deathFrance
Place of burialN/A