Genesis P-Orridge (Rock Singer) Death – Age of Death and Cause of Death

Genesis P-Orridge

The rock singer Genesis P-Orridge passed away at age 70, respectable.

Biography - A Short Wiki

English singer and performance artist most famous as the frontman for the influential avant-garde industrial band Throbbing Gristle. Apart from music, he was known for his controversial explorations of occultism and gender issues.

He was an active member of the church and helped run Sunday School classes as a teenager before rejecting Christianity altogether.

He was a known occultist and was a founding member of the collective known as Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth.

How did Genesis P-Orridge die?

Leukemia caused Genesis P-Orridge's death in 2020.

P-Orridge was diagnosed with chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia in October 2017, and died in New York City on 14 March 2020, aged 70.

Information about the death of Genesis P-Orridge
Cause of deathLeukemia
Age of death70 years
ProfessionRock Singer
BirthdayFebruary 22, 1950
Death dateMarch 14, 2020
Place of deathNew York, New York, United States
Place of burialN/A


"Haircuts are luxuries and, as such, should be as expensive as you can possibly afford."

Genesis P-OrridgeGenesis P-Orridge

"I think we can only ultimately change the world by example and by fearlessly embracing what could happen."

Genesis P-OrridgeGenesis P-Orridge

"A real New Yorker is always someone who came here from somewhere else to avoid some kind of persecution, often sexual-preference based, or to be discovered in one of the infinite-though-no-longer-thriving alternative scenes, i.e. theater, music, dance, vaudeville, art, drag, or, in those of the greatest egos, to be 'the next Andy Warhol.'"

Genesis P-OrridgeGenesis P-Orridge

"We must embrace unity, not separation - sharing, go back to small, caring communities. Unity, not separation, is what has to happen."

Genesis P-OrridgeGenesis P-Orridge

"We live in this miraculous technological environment, and yet our human behaviour is still governed by basic impulses from prehistoric times."

Genesis P-OrridgeGenesis P-Orridge