How Did Ann B. Davis Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

Ann B. Davis death

The TV actress Ann B. Davis passed away at age 88, impressive.

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Actress who played the housekeeper, Alice, on the television series The Brady Bunch and in the 1995 film The Brady Bunch Movie.

Her parents were Marguerite and Cassius, and she had an older brother and a twin sister.

How did Ann B. Davis die?

Subdural Hematoma caused Ann B. Davis' death in 2014.

Information about the death of Ann B. Davis
Cause of deathSubdural Hematoma
Age of death88 years
ProfessionTv Actress
Death dateJune 1, 2014
Place of deathSan Antonio, Texas, United States
Place of burialSt Helena's Episcopal Church, Boerne, Texas, United States


Somebody said, ‘Get your agent to call the new Bob Cummings show. They’re looking for a funny lady.’ Within three hours, I had the job. That was January 1955. I had such fun with that show.

Ann B. DavisAnn B. Davis death

I did a couple of pilots that didn’t sell, a few movies, and one year of nightclub work, which I hated. Then I did the pilot of ‘The Brady Bunch’ and never had to do another nightclub.

Ann B. DavisAnn B. Davis death

I basically don’t do that well with children, although my sister says I’m a great aunt.

Ann B. DavisAnn B. Davis death

I was born again. It happens to Episcopalians. Sometimes it doesn’t hit you till you’re 47 years old. It changed my whole life for the better… I spent a lot of time giving Christian witness all over the country to church groups and stuff.

Ann B. DavisAnn B. Davis death

The neatest thing about television is that they write for you… They find out what you can do, what you do best, how it works, and how they can use you.

Ann B. DavisAnn B. Davis death