How Did Bruno Sammartino Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

Bruno Sammartino death

The wrestler Bruno Sammartino passed away at age 82, impressive.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Hall of fame WWE champion who was one of the wrestling promotion’s first superstars.

He had three children with his wife Carol, and several grandchildren.

How did Bruno Sammartino die?

Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome caused Bruno Sammartino's death in 2018.

Information about the death of Bruno Sammartino
Cause of deathMultiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome
Age of death82 years
BirthdayOctober 6, 1935
Death dateApril 18, 2018
Place of deathPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Place of burialChrist Our Redeemer Catholic Cemetery Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA


I wasn’t a 97-pound weakling. I was an 80-pound weakling.

Bruno SammartinoBruno Sammartino death

I didn’t care if I was aching or hurting. I wanted to give the fans their money’s worth.

Bruno SammartinoBruno Sammartino death

I sweat an awful lot.

Bruno SammartinoBruno Sammartino death

I complained about the gimmicks. All the nonsense and garbage. After a while I just said I would not wrestle with the guys wearing masks, or guys that had some get-up on. It was demeaning. I refuse to go onto the mat against a Christmas tree.

Bruno SammartinoBruno Sammartino death

I’m totally dedicated to training no one trains harder than I do.

Bruno SammartinoBruno Sammartino death