How Did Charlton Heston Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

Charlton Heston death

The movie actor Charlton Heston passed away at age 84, impressive.

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Oscar winner and three-term president of the NRA who starred in Planet of the Apes and Ben Hur. Appearing in over 100 films throughout his 6-decade career, he is perhaps best known for his role as Moses in The Ten Commandments.

He married actress Lydia Clarke in March 1944, and their marriage lasted sixty-four years. His son Fraser was born in 1955 and his daughter Holly Ann was born in 1961.

How did Charlton Heston die?

Pneumonia caused Charlton Heston's death in 2008.

Information about the death of Charlton Heston
Cause of deathPneumonia
Age of death84 years
ProfessionMovie Actor
BirthdayOctober 4, 1923
Death dateApril 5, 2008
Place of deathN/A
Place of burialN/A


As an artist, I understand that, and I value the creative input of the artist.

Charlton HestonCharlton Heston death

And their pals vote for their stuff when they’re not on the panel, and it just keeps going that way. And they tend to be very fringe artists, so anything before the 20th century is not worth considering. This is out of date.

Charlton HestonCharlton Heston death

My appearance qualifies me for historic characterizations, going back to the year one.

Charlton HestonCharlton Heston death

You could think of extraordinary examples to the contrary: The Grapes of Wrath… and even into the 70s.

Charlton HestonCharlton Heston death

Sometimes life drops blessings in your lap without your lifting a finger. Serendipity, they call it.

Charlton HestonCharlton Heston death