How Did Chyna Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

Chyna death

The wrestler Chyna passed away at age 45, too young.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Born Joan Marie Laurer, she is a former WWE Diva who was a two-time Intercontinental Champion during her career.

She had relationships with wrestlers Sean Waltman and Triple H; she grew up with two older siblings, Sonny and Janet.

How did Chyna die?

Drug Overdose caused Chyna's death in 2016.

Information about the death of Chyna
Cause of deathDrug Overdose
Age of death45 years
Death dateApril 20, 2016
Place of deathRedondo Beach, California, United States
Place of burialPacific Ocean (ashes scattered at sea)


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ChynaChyna death

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ChynaChyna death

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ChynaChyna death

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ChynaChyna death

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ChynaChyna death