How Did Cilla Black Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

Cilla Black death

The pop singer Cilla Black passed away at age 72, respectable.

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Actress and pop singer who released the #1 singles “Anyone Who Had a Heart” and “You’re My World.”

She had three sons, Robert, Ben, and Jack, and a daughter, Ellen, with her husband of three decades, Bobby Willis.

How did Cilla Black die?

Stroke caused Cilla Black's death in 2015.

Information about the death of Cilla Black
Cause of deathStroke
Age of death72 years
ProfessionPop Singer
BirthdayMay 27, 1943
Death dateAugust 2, 2015
Place of deathEstepona, Spain
Place of burialAllerton Cemetery, Liverpool, United Kingdom


Blind Date’ was based on an Australian show called ‘Perfect Match’, which I first saw when I was on tour there. And I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t on British T.V.

Cilla BlackCilla Black death

I tried never to take anything for granted.

Cilla BlackCilla Black death

Well it has been very exciting and very changing as well. Celebrating the 40th year and having the album out and the Channel 4 documentary and I resigned from Blind Date.

Cilla BlackCilla Black death

I humbly apologise for reality Television.

Cilla BlackCilla Black death

I don’t like the selfie because it’s too close. There ain’t no people with arms long enough to do a selfie of me.

Cilla BlackCilla Black death