How Did David Cassidy Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

David Cassidy death

The TV actor David Cassidy passed away at age 67, respectable.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Became a teen idol for his role as Keith Partridge on the musical sitcom The Partridge Family, which eventually led to his music career. He sought success as a solo artist with hit singles such as “I Write the Songs,” “Lyin To Myself,” and ” No Bridge I Wouldn’t Cross.” 

He was the son of actor Jack Cassidy and actress Evelyn Ward. He was married three times, to actress Kay Lenz, Meryl Tanz and Sue Shifrin. He had a daughter named Katie and a son named Beau.

How did David Cassidy die?

Liver Failure caused David Cassidy's death in 2017.

Information about the death of David Cassidy
Cause of deathLiver Failure
Age of death67 years
ProfessionTv Actor
BirthdayApril 12, 1950
Death dateNovember 21, 2017
Place of deathFort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Place of burialCremated, Ashes scattered


I had a lot of very religious influences – Christian religious.

David CassidyDavid Cassidy death

My life has flourished in so many ways both personally and professionally that I can’t ask for a better life.

David CassidyDavid Cassidy death

If you’re not a daydreamer, you haven’t got any imagination.

David CassidyDavid Cassidy death

I found myself very lost after ‘The Partridge Family,’ and I lost my dad and I lost my manager, and I lived in a bubble, and it took me 15 years to get through that and a lot of psychotherapy, and I’m laughing about it now!

David CassidyDavid Cassidy death

I played in garage bands and rock and roll bands when I was in junior high and high school and saw some of the great talents of all time in the local area where I lived.

David CassidyDavid Cassidy death