How Did Eddie Guerrero Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

Eddie Guerrero death

The wrestler Eddie Guerrero passed away at age 38, way too young.

Biography - A Short Wiki

A member of the famous Guerrero wrestling family, he won a total of 23 titles across his storied professional career including four WWE Tag Team Championships. He was known for his catchphrase “I Lie! I Cheat! I Steal!”

He married Vickie Guerrero in 1990 and they had two daughters together, Sherilyn and Shaul, the latter of whom went on to become professional wrestler Raquel Diaz. He had a third daughter through another relationship named Kaylie. His nephew Salvador Guerrero also became a professional wrestler.

How did Eddie Guerrero die?

Atherosclerosis caused Eddie Guerrero's death in 2005.

Information about the death of Eddie Guerrero
Cause of deathAtherosclerosis
Age of death38 years
BirthdayOctober 9, 1967
Death dateNovember 13, 2005
Place of deathN/A
Place of burialN/A


I lie, I cheat, and I steal.

Eddie GuerreroEddie Guerrero death

I was miserable in WCW. I knew I wasn’t going to go any higher there, and jumping to WWE hadn’t even crossed my mind. I couldn’t stop wondering, ‘Is this it? Is this what I worked my whole life for?’

Eddie GuerreroEddie Guerrero death

There is one good thing about reaching the bottom. When you get there, there’s nothing left to do but fight your way back up or die.

Eddie GuerreroEddie Guerrero death

When I started wrestling, I hounded my dad to teach me. Eventually, he gave in, but he was careful to instill in me a respect for other wrestlers. He wanted to be sure I wasn’t going to hurt anyone.

Eddie GuerreroEddie Guerrero death

Wrestling just comes naturally to me. It wasn’t like there was this moment where I said, ‘This is what I’m going to do.’ It’s just what I did. It was my life.

Eddie GuerreroEddie Guerrero death