How Did Harper Lee Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

Harper Lee death

The novelist Harper Lee passed away at age 89, impressive.

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Southern American author who wrote the classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird. She was awarded the 2007 Presidential Medal of Freedom for her tremendous contribution to American literature and culture. 

She was born Nelle Harper Lee in Monroeville, Alabama to Amasa Coleman Lee and Frances Cunningham Finch, and she grew up with four siblings. Her father, an attorney, once represented two African-American men who were accused of murdering a white man. 

How did Harper Lee die?

Stroke caused Harper Lee's death in 2016.

Information about the death of Harper Lee
Cause of deathStroke
Age of death89 years
BirthdayApril 28, 1926
Death dateFebruary 19, 2016
Place of deathMonroeville, Alabama, United States
Place of burialHillcrest, Penville and Baptist Cemetery, Monroeville, Alabama, United States


Many receive advice, only the wise profit from it.

Harper LeeHarper Lee death

The book to read is not the one which thinks for you, but the one which makes you think. No book in the world equals the Bible for that.

Harper LeeHarper Lee death

I would like to be the chronicler of something that I think is going down the drain very swiftly, and that is small-town, middle-class southern life.

Harper LeeHarper Lee death

I’m a slow worker; I’m, I think, a steady worker.

Harper LeeHarper Lee death

It was times like these when I thought my father, who hated guns and had never been to any wars, was the bravest man who ever lived.

Harper LeeHarper Lee death