How Did Ike Turner Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

Ike Turner death

The r&b singer Ike Turner passed away at age 76, respectable.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Bandleader, singer, songwriter, and producer who worked in many different genres, like funk and blues. He released “Rocket 88.”

He was married six times: first to Lorraine Taylor, then to Bonnie Mae Wilson, to Tina Turner, to Margaret Ann Thomas, to Jeanette Bazzell, and finally to Audrey Madison. He had a total of seven children.

How did Ike Turner die?

Drug Overdose caused Ike Turner's death in 2007.

Information about the death of Ike Turner
Cause of deathDrug Overdose
Age of death76 years
ProfessionR&b Singer
BirthdayNovember 5, 1931
Death dateDecember 12, 2007
Place of deathN/A
Place of burialN/A


I can put a hip-hop beat to reggae. That is, I can have real reggae in the drums and in the rhythm, and on top of it I can put The Rolling Stones’ feeling, anyone’s feeling on top. Nobody has ever done this before, man.

Ike TurnerIke Turner death

I really enjoy myself in Norway. Because I had started losing confidence in my ability of what I do. But sometimes, man, you just get tired of fighting and trying to prove yourself.

Ike TurnerIke Turner death

I always considered myself being an organizer. I’m very good at teaching singers, I’m very good at staging a show, to entertain people. But I never included myself. I never applied this to me as an artist.

Ike TurnerIke Turner death

I still play Strat, I don’t know nothing else. Strats and Telecasters.

Ike TurnerIke Turner death

Spector is a good guy, but he’s a nut. Ha, ha, ha! You know, I love him, but he’s unpredictable. He’s OK as long as he don’t drink.

Ike TurnerIke Turner death