How Did James Gandolfini Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

James Gandolfini death

The TV actor James Gandolfini passed away at age 51, too young.

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Played the role of crime family boss Tony Soprano on HBO’s The Sopranos which has won 21 Emmy Awards. He also excelled as an actor on the big screen with notable performances in films such as True Romance, Where the Wild Things Are, and Enough Said. 

He married Marcy Wudarski in 1999, and together they had a son named Michael. Following their divorce he married Deborah Lin and they welcomed a daughter in 2012.  

How did James Gandolfini die?

Heart Attack caused James Gandolfini's death in 2013.

Information about the death of James Gandolfini
Cause of deathHeart Attack
Age of death51 years
ProfessionTv Actor
BirthdaySeptember 18, 1961
Death dateJune 19, 2013
Place of deathRome, Italy
Place of burialThe Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, New York, United States


I’d love to live in New Orleans. I love the freedom of it – for good and for bad.

James GandolfiniJames Gandolfini death

Putting somebody else’s pants on and pretending to be somebody else is occasionally, as you grow older, horrifying.

James GandolfiniJames Gandolfini death

I like dark places.

James GandolfiniJames Gandolfini death

I lost 30 pounds to play my character in ‘The Mexican’, but people don’t take to skinny mafia men, and I don’t feel right when I’m thin.

James GandolfiniJames Gandolfini death

I like idiotic comedies.

James GandolfiniJames Gandolfini death