How Did Jessi Combs Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

Jessi Combs death

The TV show host Jessi Combs passed away at age 36, way too young.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Metal fabricator and TV personality who co-hosted the Spike TV show Xtreme 4×4 from 2005 to 2008. She was also on the TLC series Overhaulin’ as a guest fabricator and was even a temporary host on MythBusters in 2009. 

She was born in Rapid City, South Dakota, and grew up with an older sister. She later resided in California.

How did Jessi Combs die?

Traffic Collision caused Jessi Combs' death in 2019.

Information about the death of Jessi Combs
Cause of deathTraffic Collision
Age of death36 years
ProfessionTv Show Host
BirthdayJuly 27, 1983
Death dateAugust 27, 2019
Place of deathAlvord Desert, Oregon, United States
Place of burialN/A


I look at television as a giant commercial for promoting this mission that I’m on. It’s the best way for me to show that girls can be anything they set their minds to. I don’t do it for the fame, and I most certainly don’t do it for the money. It’s sad that a lot of people want to get into television specifically for that reason.

Jessi CombsJessi Combs death

Always look at the path you want to take and stay on it, try not to veer from it.

Jessi CombsJessi Combs death

I am the fastest woman on four wheels.

Jessi CombsJessi Combs death

You can accomplish anything, if you are focused and determined, believe in yourself, and get education and certifications that will give you confidence.

Jessi CombsJessi Combs death

Cars are my life. They’re my everything, and if it has a motor, I love it.

Jessi CombsJessi Combs death