How Did John Forbes Nash Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

John Forbes Nash death

The mathematician John Forbes Nash passed away at age 86, impressive.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Mathematician who is best known for his works in game theory and who was the subject of the 2001 Academy Award-winning film A Beautiful Mind. He had a well-known period of mental instability in his middle years, which was ultimately diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia. He shared the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1994.

He married Alicia Lopez-Harrison de Lardé, a naturalized U.S. citizen from El Salvador, in 1957. They divorced in 1963, then re-married in 2001. He had two sons named John Charles Martin and John David Stier.

How did John Forbes Nash die?

Traffic Collision caused John Forbes Nash's death in 2015.

Information about the death of John Forbes Nash
Cause of deathTraffic Collision
Age of death86 years
BirthdayJune 13, 1928
Death dateMay 23, 2015
Place of deathMonroe Township, New Jersey, United States
Place of burialSaint Paul's Parish Cemetery Princeton, Mercer County, New Jersey, USA


I can see there’s a connection between not following normal thinking and doing creative thinking. I wouldn’t have had good scientific ideas if I had thought more normally.

John Forbes NashJohn Forbes Nash death

Though I had success in my research both when I was mad and when I was not, eventually I felt that my work would be better respected if I thought and acted like a ‘normal’ person.

John Forbes NashJohn Forbes Nash death

In madness, I thought I was the most important person in the world.

John Forbes NashJohn Forbes Nash death

I don’t think exactly like a professional economist. I think about economics and economic ideas, but somewhat like an outsider.

John Forbes NashJohn Forbes Nash death

The ideas I had about supernatural beings came to me the same way that my mathematical ideas did. So I took them seriously.

John Forbes NashJohn Forbes Nash death