How Did John Glenn Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

The astronaut John Glenn passed away at age 95, astounding.

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Astronaut and senator who in 1962 was the first American to orbit the Earth and in 1998 became the oldest person to go to space. He was a recipient of the Congressional Space Medal of Honor and Presidential Medal of Freedom, among several other distinctions.

He married Annie Glenn in 1943. He and Annie had a daughter named Carolyn and a son named John.

How did John Glenn die?

Information about the death of John Glenn
Cause of deathN/A
Age of death95 years
BirthdayJuly 18, 1921
Death dateDecember 8, 2016
Place of deathThe Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Columbus, Ohio, United States
Place of burialArlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia, United States


If you go to the Air and Space Museum in Washington, you can see the burn patterns on Friendship 7.

John Glenn

When the new becomes commonplace, people become accustomed to it. That’s a tribute to our sense of adventure.

John Glenn

The best space movie in my view is ‘Apollo 13.’ That’s just the way it happened.

John Glenn

The space station is the most unique laboratory we’ve ever built. The reason we have it is to do research on materials, people, medical matters, pharmaceuticals – the possibilities are nearly endless.

John Glenn

I liked flying, when I got into it, loved it. And I found I was very good at it. I’m not modest about the fact that I was a good pilot.

John Glenn