How Did Johnny Cash Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

Johnny Cash death

The country singer Johnny Cash passed away at age 71, respectable.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Known as The Man in Black, Cash became one of the most influential musicians in the twentieth century, inspiring artists in various genres, from country to rock ‘n’ roll.

He married Vivian Liberto on August 7, 1954 and, after their divorce in August 1966, he married June Carter Cash on March 1, 1968.

How did Johnny Cash die?

Diabetes caused Johnny Cash's death in 2003.

Information about the death of Johnny Cash
Cause of deathDiabetes
Age of death71 years
ProfessionCountry Singer
BirthdayFebruary 26, 1932
Death dateSeptember 12, 2003
Place of deathN/A
Place of burialN/A


How well I have learned that there is no fence to sit on between heaven and hell. There is a deep, wide gulf, a chasm, and in that chasm is no place for any man.

Johnny CashJohnny Cash death

My father was a man of love. He always loved me to death. He worked hard in the fields, but my father never hit me. Never. I don’t ever remember a really cross, unkind word from my father.

Johnny CashJohnny Cash death

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Johnny CashJohnny Cash death

I am not a Christian artist, I am an artist who is a Christian.

Johnny CashJohnny Cash death

I was wearing black clothes almost from the beginning. I feel comfortable in black. I felt like black looked good onstage, that it was attractive, so I started wearing it all the time.

Johnny CashJohnny Cash death