How Did Keith Flint Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

Keith Flint death

The pop singer Keith Flint passed away at age 49, too young.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Singer with the British electronic dance band, The Prodigy, the group that released the hit “Breathe.” 

He came from a broken home and was kicked out by his father when he was a teenager. He once dated Gail Porter. After their breakup, he married Mayumi Kai in 2006 up until his death in 2019. 

How did Keith Flint die?

Mayumi Kai caused Keith Flint's death in 2019.

Information about the death of Keith Flint
Cause of deathMayumi Kai
Age of death49 years
ProfessionPop Singer
BirthdaySeptember 17, 1969
Death dateMarch 4, 2019
Place of deathNorth End, United Kingdom
Place of burialSaint Marys Church, Braintree, United Kingdom


I’m not the kind of guy who can be sitting around listening to Joni Mitchell, chilling. I’d rather bash my head against a wall.

Keith FlintKeith Flint death

It’s a bit of a bold statement, but the Prodigy should be seen as an important cultural band.

Keith FlintKeith Flint death

Trouble is, I’m definitely on the spectrum somewhere – there’s a dysfunctional side.

Keith FlintKeith Flint death

If you’re onstage thinking about what you’re going to eat when you get offstage, it’s time to finish.

Keith FlintKeith Flint death

I think anyone who’s willing to be brutally honest with who they are and express themselves is always going to get the oddball label, the pyscho label, the twisted label. That’s what happens.

Keith FlintKeith Flint death