How Did Link Wray Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

Link Wray death

The guitarist Link Wray passed away at age 76, respectable.

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Member of the band Link Wray and his Ray Men, which was known for the hit song “Rumble.”

He had a total of eight children across three marriages to Elizabeth Canady Wray, Ethel “Kitty” Tidwell Wray and Sharon Wray.

How did Link Wray die?

Heart Failure caused Link Wray's death in 2005.

Information about the death of Link Wray
Cause of deathHeart Failure
Age of death76 years
BirthdayMay 2, 1929
Death dateNovember 5, 2005
Place of deathN/A
Place of burialN/A


Because I’m not the same today as I was in ’58, or ’59 or even ’71.

Link WrayLink Wray death

But I don’t believe in organised politics, organised religion, organised music, organised anything.

Link WrayLink Wray death

God is playing my guitar, I am with God when I play.

Link WrayLink Wray death

If you went to see me today, you might not like my music.

Link WrayLink Wray death

You know, I’m an eagle, flying around in the mountains.

Link WrayLink Wray death