How Did Michael Cimino Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

The director Michael Cimino passed away at age 77, respectable.

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American film director responsible for one of the best dramatic works of the 1970s, The Deer Hunter.

His father was a music publisher and his mother was a costume designer.

How did Michael Cimino die?

Heart Failure caused Michael Cimino's death in 2016.

Information about the death of Michael Cimino
Cause of deathHeart Failure
Age of death77 years
BirthdayFebruary 3, 1939
Death dateJuly 2, 2016
Place of deathBeverly Hills, California, United States
Place of burialN/A


I don’t dispute the accounts of My Lai 4, but I think that anyone who is a student of the war, or anyone who was there, would agree that anything you could imagine happening probably happened.

Michael Cimino

A film reflects who you are as a building reflects the soul of its architect. I think what you feel and what you think and what you are is what the film is. It’s not for me to talk about.

Michael Cimino

Would you ask Picasso to explain ‘Guernica?’ Would you ask Nabokov to explain ‘Lolita?’ Would you ask Tolstoy about ‘War and Peace?’ No, you wouldn’t dare.

Michael Cimino

Family politics are worse than world politics. That’s all I can say. You don’t get to choose your family; you get to choose your friends. Your family is imposed upon you.

Michael Cimino

Even the details of a rifle, which are nothing but mechanical, if they are made carefully, with attention, become beautiful, satisfying.

Michael Cimino