How Did Nafisa Joseph Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

Nafisa Joseph death

The model Nafisa Joseph passed away at age 26, way too young.

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Indian model and MTV video jockey who was the winner of Miss India Universe 1997. She committed suicide by hanging herself in July 2004, due to her marriage being called off.

She was engaged to businessman Gautam Khanduja but, after finding out he was still married, their wedding was called off.

How did Nafisa Joseph die?

Suicide caused Nafisa Joseph's death in 2004.

Information about the death of Nafisa Joseph
Cause of deathSuicide
Age of death26 years
BirthdayMarch 28, 1978
Death dateJuly 29, 2004
Place of deathN/A
Place of burialN/A


I was a little nervous backstage. But I had this book, Gandhi. I just read his quotes, closed my eyes and focused my thoughts. Presently, this book is my prized possession.

Nafisa JosephNafisa Joseph death

I used to love dogs until I discovered cats.

Nafisa JosephNafisa Joseph death

People feel I don’t mix much, but I’m working at it.

Nafisa JosephNafisa Joseph death

I didn’t want to get into acting. I was very happy doing MTV, it took up my time, I was content.

Nafisa JosephNafisa Joseph death

Ummm, there is not just one good thing about being a VJ, it is a package deal. It is a fun job and you get paid to party and have a good time and make people have a good time, which is great.

Nafisa JosephNafisa Joseph death