How Did Rich Piana Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

Rich Piana death

The bodybuilder Rich Piana passed away at age 46, too young.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Bodybuilder, actor, and YouTube sensation who posts workout videos for more than 1.1 million subscribers. At various points, he won the NPC California Championships, NPC Orange County Championships, NPC Los Angeles Championships, NPC Sacramento Championships, and NPC Border States Classic.  

He was born in Northridge, Los Angeles, California. He married Sara Piana.

How did Rich Piana die?

Heart Disease caused Rich Piana's death in 2017.

Information about the death of Rich Piana
Cause of deathHeart Disease
Age of death46 years
BirthdaySeptember 26, 1970
Death dateAugust 25, 2017
Place of deathClearwater, Florida, United States
Place of burialForest Lawn, Los Angeles, California, United States


My arms and chest were always the hardest for me. I obsessed over my arms for 32 years! I did everything to bring them up: for 2 years, I did mini arm workouts every night before bed!

Rich PianaRich Piana death

Bodybuilding is not my main objective in life. It’s just something I do on the side.

Rich PianaRich Piana death

The truth is, for highly competitive bodybuilders, everyone eats the same – oatmeal, chicken, rice – and everyone cuts carbs out at night.

Rich PianaRich Piana death

My shoe size – I used to wear a size 12, and now I wear a size 15.

Rich PianaRich Piana death

There’s always a better way to do something.

Rich PianaRich Piana death