How Did Richard Burton Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

Richard Burton Died

The actor Richard Burton passed away at age 58, too young.

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Richard Burton net worth: Richard Burton is a Welsh actor who has a net worth of $50 million dollars. Born in Pontrhydyfen, Wales, Richard Burton, also known as Richard Walter Jenkins, was primarily raised by his older sister after his mother passed away. His father was largely absent. He excelled at sports, and in music and public speaking, and was later made a ward of one of his teachers, Philip H.

How did Richard Burton die?

The actor died from a brain haemorrhage in August 1984 in Geneva, Switzerland. Taylor was asked to stay away from the funeral because Burton’s family feared her presence would create a media circus.

Information about the death of Richard Burton
Cause of deathN/A
Age of death58 years
BirthdayNovember 10, 1925
Death dateAugust 5, 1984
Place of deathCéligny, Switzerland
Place of burialVieux Cemetery, Céligny


"You've got to swank in Hollywood."

Richard BurtonRichard Burton Died

"If I had a chance for another life, I would certainly choose a better complexion."

Richard BurtonRichard Burton Died

"Warren Beatty seems very self-conscious and actory."

Richard BurtonRichard Burton Died

"An actor is something less than a man, while an actress is something more than a woman."

Richard BurtonRichard Burton Died

"My sister Edith died at the age of 43. She was the youngest sister and the funniest. I had to harrumph and snort a few times to stop the weeping."

Richard BurtonRichard Burton Died