How Did Robin Gibb Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

Robin Gibb death

The pop singer Robin Gibb passed away at age 62, respectable.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Singer, songwriter, and producer best known as a member of vocal group the Bee Gees. The group had numerous hits, including “Night Fever” and “Stayin’ Alive.”

He was joined by his brothers Maurice and Barry Gibb in The Bee Gees. His brother Andy Gibb was a pop singer as well. He also had one sister, Lesley. He married Molly Hullis in 1968; after their divorce in 1982, he remarried Dwina Murphy-Gibb in 1985. He had four children. 

How did Robin Gibb die?

Colon Cancer caused Robin Gibb's death in 2012.

Information about the death of Robin Gibb
Cause of deathColon Cancer
Age of death62 years
ProfessionPop Singer
BirthdayDecember 22, 1949
Death dateMay 20, 2012
Place of deathLondon, United Kingdom
Place of burialSaint Mary The Virgin, Thame


I’m not a party person or someone who likes to sit and drink in clubs all night, and never really have been. I have a good time through work.

Robin GibbRobin Gibb death

I find it very, very hard. He was part of the fabric of my life. We were kids together, and teenagers. We spent the whole of our lives with each other because of our music.

Robin GibbRobin Gibb death

Nobody will ever take Maurice’s place, and he’ll go on with us and he’ll go on our music. He’ll go on with us as the Bee Gees, and Maurice will always be with us.

Robin GibbRobin Gibb death

Losing people makes you realize you’ve got to grab life – not put things off.

Robin GibbRobin Gibb death

I’m really happy that I got to work with such fresh talent. In a day when record companies are not particularly good at encouraging young, talented songwriters to come forward and get exposure, I think it’s important to give tomorrow’s songwriters the opportunity.

Robin GibbRobin Gibb death