How Did Ruby Dee Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

Ruby Dee death

The movie actress Ruby Dee passed away at age 91, astounding.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Successful actress who often acted with husband Ossie Davis. She starred in A Raisin in the Sun in 1961.

She was married to singer Frankie Dee Brown from 1941 until 1945. She married Ossie Davis in 1946. They remained married until his death in 2005.

How did Ruby Dee die?

Natural Causes caused Ruby Dee's death in 2014.

Information about the death of Ruby Dee
Cause of deathNatural Causes
Age of death91 years
ProfessionMovie Actress
BirthdayOctober 27, 1922
Death dateJune 12, 2014
Place of deathNew Rochelle, New York, United States
Place of burialFerncliff Cemetery, New York, United States


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Ruby DeeRuby Dee death

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Ruby DeeRuby Dee death

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Ruby DeeRuby Dee death

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Ruby DeeRuby Dee death

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Ruby DeeRuby Dee death