How Did Seamus Heaney Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

Seamus Heaney death

The novelist Seamus Heaney passed away at age 74, respectable.

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Northern Irish-born author and poet who won the 1995 Nobel Prize in Literature. His best known works include Death of a Naturalist (1966), a modern translation of Beowulf (1999), and Field Work (1979).

He was one of nine children born to Patrick Heaney and Margaret Kathleen McCann. Later, he had two sons of his own with his wife, Marie Heaney.

How did Seamus Heaney die?

Complications From A Stroke caused Seamus Heaney's death in 2013.

Information about the death of Seamus Heaney
Cause of deathComplications From A Stroke
Age of death74 years
BirthdayApril 13, 1939
Death dateAugust 30, 2013
Place of deathBlackrock Clinic - Private Hospital Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Place of burialCemetery of St Mary's Church, Bellaghy, Northern Ireland


Even if the last move did not succeed, the inner command says move again.

Seamus HeaneySeamus Heaney death

A person from Northern Ireland is naturally cautious.

Seamus HeaneySeamus Heaney death

Memory has always been fundamental for me. In fact, remembering what I had forgotten is the way most of the poems get started.

Seamus HeaneySeamus Heaney death

I’ve said it before about the Nobel Prize: it’s like being struck by a more or less benign avalanche. It was unexpected, unlooked for, and extraordinary.

Seamus HeaneySeamus Heaney death

The completely solitary self: that’s where poetry comes from, and it gets isolated by crisis, and those crises are often very intimate also.

Seamus HeaneySeamus Heaney death