How Did Syd Barrett Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

Syd Barrett death

The rock singer Syd Barrett passed away at age 60, too young.

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One of the founders of the experimental rock band Pink Floyd who pursued a solo career fraught with drug addiction and loneliness.

Barrett was born as the third of five children to Arthur Max Barrett and Winifred. His father was a pathologist.

How did Syd Barrett die?

Pancreatic Cancer caused Syd Barrett's death in 2006.

Information about the death of Syd Barrett
Cause of deathPancreatic Cancer
Age of death60 years
ProfessionRock Singer
BirthdayJanuary 6, 1946
Death dateJuly 7, 2006
Place of deathN/A
Place of burialN/A


I think it’s good if a song has more than one meaning. Maybe that kind of song can reach far more people.

Syd BarrettSyd Barrett death

I thought ‘Arnold Layne’ was a nice name and fitted well into the music I had already composed. Then I thought, ‘Arnold must have a hobby,’ and it went from there.

Syd BarrettSyd Barrett death

It’s always been too slow for me. Playing. The pace of things. I’m a fast sprinter. The trouble was, after playing in the group for a few months, I couldn’t reach that point.

Syd BarrettSyd Barrett death

I don’t really read a lot. Maybe I should.

Syd BarrettSyd Barrett death

I do tend to take lines from other lines I like, and then write around them.

Syd BarrettSyd Barrett death