How Did Tyrone Davis Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

Tyrone Davis death

The soul singer Tyrone Davis passed away at age 66, respectable.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Soul singer with a career span of twenty years who had three #1 hit songs including “Can I Change My Mind” in 1968, “Turn Back the Hands of Time” in 1970, and “Turning Point” in 1975.”

He was married to his wife Ann for over forty years and they had several children and grandchildren.

How did Tyrone Davis die?

Complications From A Stroke caused Tyrone Davis' death in 2005.

Information about the death of Tyrone Davis
Cause of deathComplications From A Stroke
Age of death66 years
ProfessionSoul Singer
BirthdayMay 4, 1938
Death dateFebruary 9, 2005
Place of deathN/A
Place of burialN/A