How Did William Blake Die? Date of Death, Cause of Death, Age, and Birthday

William Blake

The philosopher William Blake passed away at age 69, respectable.

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Romantic-period English philosopher, poet, and illustrator. He influenced the visual arts of the Romantic Age.

He belonged to a family of Dissenters, who were believed to have attended a Moravian Church. The Bible influenced much of his early life.

He was not widely known during his lifetime, but after his death, he became regarded as one of the greatest thinkers of the age.

How did William Blake die?

Pulmonary Edema caused William Blake's death in 1827.

Information about the death of William Blake
Cause of deathPulmonary Edema
Age of death69 years
BirthdayNovember 28, 1757
Death dateAugust 12, 1827
Place of deathLondon, United Kingdom
Place of burialN/A


"The fool who persists in his folly will become wise."

William BlakeWilliam Blake

"To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour."

William BlakeWilliam Blake

"I am in you and you in me, mutual in divine love."

William BlakeWilliam Blake

"To generalize is to be an idiot."

William BlakeWilliam Blake

"The man who never in his mind and thoughts travel'd to heaven is no artist."

William BlakeWilliam Blake