Jackie Cooper’s Death – What Happened?

Jackie Cooper Death

The actor Jackie Cooper passed away at age 88, impressive.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Jackie Cooper Net Worth: Jackie Cooper was an American actor, television director, producer and executive who had a net worth of $18 million dollars. Jackie Cooper was born on September 15, 1922 in Los Angeles, California. He was a child actor who managed to make the transition to an adult career. Cooper was the first child actor to receive an Academy Award nomination.

How did Jackie Cooper die?

Natural Causes caused Jackie Cooper's death in 2011.

Cooper died on May 3, 2011, of natural causes, in Santa Monica, California.

Information about the death of Jackie Cooper
Cause of deathNatural Causes
Age of death88 years
ProfessionActor, Film Director, Military Officer, Race Car Driver, Television Director, Television Producer
BirthdaySeptember 15, 1922
Death dateMay 3, 2011
Place of deathSanta Monica, California, United States
Place of burialArlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia, United States


"From that, I became very anxious to produce something of my own."

Jackie CooperJackie Cooper Death

"If it's boring, then it's tiring."

Jackie CooperJackie Cooper Death

"Well, they just don't know anything else except that one form of their business, acting, and they don't really want to learn any other part of it, or they would. Directing and producing and putting a show together is very creative, for me."

Jackie CooperJackie Cooper Death

"I would also like to act, once in a while, but not get up every morning at 5:30 or six o'clock and pound into the studio and get home at 7:30 or eight o'clock at night, or act over and over and over every night on Broadway, either."

Jackie CooperJackie Cooper Death

"But the working I would always want to do."

Jackie CooperJackie Cooper Death