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Jeremy Bentham

The philosopher Jeremy Bentham passed away at age 84, impressive.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Said “As to the evil which results from censorship, it is impossible to measure it, because it is impossible to tell where it ends.” He was one of the founders of modern utilitarianism.

He was a child prodigy and was found reading a multi-volume work of English history as a toddler. He began studying Latin at age three.

He played a prominent role in the study of Anglo-American philosophy of law.

How did Jeremy Bentham die?

Natural Causes caused Jeremy Bentham's death in 1832.

Information about the death of Jeremy Bentham
Cause of deathNatural Causes
Age of death84 years
BirthdayFebruary 15, 1748
Death dateJune 6, 1832
Place of deathWestminster, London, United Kingdom
Place of burialN/A


"Nature has placed mankind under the governance of two sovereign masters, pain and pleasure. It is for them alone to point out what we ought to do, as well as to determine what we shall do."

Jeremy BenthamJeremy Bentham

"The age we live in is a busy age; in which knowledge is rapidly advancing towards perfection."

Jeremy BenthamJeremy Bentham

"He who thinks and thinks for himself, will always have a claim to thanks; it is no matter whether it be right or wrong, so as it be explicit. If it is right, it will serve as a guide to direct; if wrong, as a beacon to warn."

Jeremy BenthamJeremy Bentham

"The said truth is that it is the greatest happiness of the greatest number that is the measure of right and wrong."

Jeremy BenthamJeremy Bentham

"It is vain to talk of the interest of the community, without understanding what is the interest of the individual."

Jeremy BenthamJeremy Bentham