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Roy Raymond Death

The entrepreneur Roy Raymond passed away at age 46, too young.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Remembered as the founder of the Victoria’s Secret lingerie chain, he operated the business for five years before selling it to fellow businessman Leslie Wexner for one million dollars. The fact that the chain had amassed a profit of over a billion a year by the early 1990s was suspected to be a factor in his 1993 suicide.

After graduating from Tufts University in Massachusetts, he enrolled at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. He opened the first store in the Victoria’s Secret chain in 1977. He came up with the idea for Victoria’s Secret because he thought that the classy store would cater to men like him who were too embarrassed to buy undergarments for their wives.

He established a second business, My Child’s Destiny, in the 1980s; the children’s clothing retailer faced bankruptcy just two years later.

How did Roy Raymond die?

Suicide caused Roy Raymond's death in 1993.

On August 26, 1993, Raymond ended his life by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. He was last seen walking toward the bridge, and hours afterward, his body was found by the Coast Guard near the Marin County shoreline. Investigators concluded that he had jumped off the bridge.

Information about the death of Roy Raymond
Cause of deathSuicide
Age of death46 years
BirthdayApril 15, 1947
Death dateAugust 26, 1993
Place of deathMarin County, California, United States
Place of burialN/A